Welcome to Mind Puck: Research in Social Declines.
The launch of this project came with the realization that mental competence
in the populace ability to think analytically and critically maybe compromised
by the manufactured need for an artificial increase in dopamine levels among
an ever increasing population on psychiatric medications.

I suspect there maybe a strong correlation between an individual inclination
to believe anything from sources of their preference (pacification) as well
as draw connections between correlations on unrelated things into their
understanding of how their world works. Conclusions drawn on assumptions
easily become fact and fact verification becomes less probable in peoples
experience with information on media and social media.

This mode of a dulcified and pacified public puts at grave risk the
hijacking of our democracy.

Through my experience and preliminary research I have arrived to accuse
the pillar of this issue with our food health. It is through mal-nutrition
to the exclusive consumption of fortified foods and food nutrients substituted
to artificial and non-beneficial ingredients that confuse our cravings into
getting nutrients that it is not.

In my first move to address this issue I have written to Congress in light
of their proposal to take more people off disability and create tighter
restrictions and more paper work involved in getting as well as maintaining
disability and medical benefits.

Open letter to Congress and the President linked [here].

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